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Allyjames Honeystone, new-minted commander of the Alliance outpost in Shadowmoon Valley, regarded the handsome features of the orc woman before her.

Despite the fierceness of her countenance that was inherent to all her people, there was something careworn, and even trustworthy about her...and she had certainly proven her good intentions. But still...

"Ma'am...Rulkan...are ye sure? I've seen yer settlement above this cave. Yer people, or what remain o'them, they must be in need of yer guidance far more than I am in need of yer skills."

The orc smiled patiently. "Commander, every one of the true Shadowmoon clan that reside upon the hill are more than able to lead, and to follow their own conscience and will. That is why they left with me when Ner'zhul betrayed our people, and betrayed our ancestors for power."

Allyjames nodded soberly. "But still, ma'am--yer leadership is needed."

"No. It is not. And I have no need to lead. Unlike my former mate, I do not thirst for power above knowledge and true strength." The orc got down on one knee, not in deference, but better to see eye to eye with the young dwarf. "Commander, if I people are gifted with the ability to discern the stars. This very land allows us a greater communication with the night skies; even the Prophet Velen, my dear friend and your comrade, has seen to the construction of an observatory to the south." Rulkan gestured through the twilight mists to a barely-visible tower in the distance.

"Aye, in Embaari Village, I've been there. The scholars there are quite busy with their star charts."

"Yes," Rulkan continued. "The Draenei people have their own methods, but they too feel the celestial ebb and flow. But Commander...what if I told you, that my meeting you was also written in the stars?"

Allyjames blinked. "I...well. I confess I wouldn't know what to think, ma'am. My people, that is, we dwarves, not all of th'Alliance--we aren't known for looking upwards. We are a folk of miners and diggers, and tradition holds that the Titans built our forefathers of earth and clay. As for me, I follow the path of the Light, which I'm sure ye've heard Velen speak of, altho' we dinnae ken much about the Naaru until the Draenei came to our world and brought O'ros with 'em...but that be a long tale in itself." The dwarf rubbed her temples. Trying to understand the idea of different timelines and temporal travel was hard enough to experience, and impossible for her to explain. She made a mental note to speak to one of the archmages about how best to frame the discussion with locals. "An' I have another concern."

"Speak, then." Rulkan smiled encouragingly.

"'d be the only orc workin' in the garrison. While I wouldna brook any insubordination from my ranks, well...there be some soldiers who remember all too well how th'orcs from my timeline" --she sighed, feeling the beginning of a headache-- "invaded my world and laid waste to a great many things, and Garrosh Hellscream is still on the loose here and is behind all th'badness, and, and, well, I cannae guarantee yer safety, ma'am."

"Do you doubt my skills in battle, Commander?" the orc had a twinkle in her eye as she spoke.

"Nae, not atall-atall. But infightin' distracts us from our mission, to stop th'Iron Horde. I cannae be dealing with nightly kerfuffles in my barracks."

Rulkan nodded. "I understand. Please understand, Commander, I wouldn't seek nightly quarter within your walls. I have my own rylak mount, and can easily fly back here at the end of each day to share fires with the rest of my exiled clan."

"Oh!" Allyjames breathed a sigh of relief. "Well, then, that changes things. Aye. Yes, even! Rulkan, I'd be honored t'have you workin' with me." The dwarf clapped the orc on the shoulder. "Now rise up, yer not so much tallern' me that I need worry 'bout gettin' a stiff neck."

Rulkan chuckled. "Very well, Commander. I will gather some tools from my hut and meet you back at your fortress. You chose an auspicious site, near where the moon rock fell. I am eager to help you and your people establish yourselves here. Welcome, Allyjames of the Alliance."

Allyjames grinned. "Aye, an' welcome to ye, Rulkan of the True Shadowmoon."


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